About Us

Arise Africa was started when two enthusiastic and entrepreneurial people got together with the same heart and passion for Africa. We had visited the continent in one way or another, and we both came home knowing that our lives were changed and we wanted to help. After long discussions and prayer about how we wanted to provide aid, we started Arise Africa.  We believe in helping the continent of Africa out of poverty while not influencing them with Western thoughts or practices. The culture in Africa is amazing, almost contagious at times. The people have the best hearts, and we don't ever want to hinder that or spread issues such at materialism. This is one reason we try to help in ways of health care, education, and discipleship.

In January of 2011, we began partnering with Ellen and Clayton Kershaw after they went on a mission trip to Zambia with us.  Kershaw's Challenge was founded shortly after, which has been a major blessing to Arise Africa ever since. 

We thank you for visiting our store and purchasing merchandise from Arise Africa. 
Please email info@ariseafrica.org with any questions!