Arise Africa Store


Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: We are more than happy to cancel your order if we have not processed it.  Please email us at 

Q: I accidentally put the wrong shirt size for my order.  Do I have to cancel my order, or can I just change the size?
A: We can change the size for you.  Please email us at as soon as possible to ensure we haven't already shipped your order.

Q: I accidentally put the wrong shipping and/or billing address for my order.  Can I change that?
A: Yes. Please email us at as soon as possible and let us know your new address. Please include your name, order number, and corrected address and we will change that for you.

Q: I want to add on to an order I already submitted.  Is this possible?
A: Unfortunately we cannot add to an order that has already been submitted, because our system does not allow this.

Q: I received my order and I want to exchange my shirt for a different size.  Is this possible?
A: Yes.  Please email us at and let us know the new size you desire.  We will need you to ship your shirt back to us at your cost for postage. Once we receive the shirt we will mail you a new one with the new size desired. 

Q: I received my order and my item is not what I ordered.  How do I exchange for the correct item?
A: We are very sorry about this error!  Please email us at and we will get right back to you!  Please include your name and order number. 

Q: Can I buy your merchandise at a discounted rate if I purchase a large quantity?
A: Absolutely, Email us and let's talk,

Q: Does the money from my purchase go to the same place as a general donation?
A: All of the proceeds of your purchase go to our general fund, to be used in the area we feel is of greatest need.  However if you purchase a Kershaw's Challenge t-shirt it does go directly into the Kershaw's Challenge fund.